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Commercial Plumbing Projects

Commercial plumbing systems face significantly higher rates of usage than their residential counterparts. Whether a well maintained and fully operational plumbing system is a mission critical component of your business, or you experience large amounts of foot traffic and face an increased need for cleaning and maintenance as a result, keeping your commercial plumbing system in order is extremely important for the success of your enterprise. Our commercial plumbing professionals have experience installing quality plumbing systems for a wide variety of commercial building projects throughout Wisconsin’s Fox Valley and beyond.

We proudly provide plumbing repair and other quality plumbing services commercial properties and locations:

  • Churches & Other Religious Institutions
  • Schools, Colleges, & Universities
  • Clinics, Nursing Homes, & Other Healthcare Facilities
  • Gas Stations & Car Washes
  • Department Stores & Shopping Centers
  • Apartment & Condominium Complexes
  • Bars, Restaurants, & Other Hospitality Establishments
  • Food Retailers & Grocery Stores
  • Gyms & Fitness Clubs
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels, Motels, & Resorts

Our all-star team of commercial plumbing professionals can provide a wide variety of plumbing repair services, including but not limited to:

  • Drain Cleaning: Slow drains are at best an unsightly inconvenience and at worst a clog waiting to happen, potentially leading to a backup of dangerous sewage water into your business or facility. Before your business needs to call an emergency plumber, call Jim’s Plumbing for your drain cleaning solutions.
  • Water Heater Installation & Water Heater Repair: Hot water is a key component to most hygienic practices. Whether you’re washing dishes in a restaurant, sanitizing tools and surfaces in a hospital, or simply washing your hands after using he restroom, you need hot water to help eliminate the spread of germs. Jim’s Plumbing will work with you through the water heater installation process to help choose the right heater for your commercial plumbing needs, and if your existing water heater is experiencing issues, our water heater repair team is standing by to provide a solution.
  • Repiping: Commercial plumbing pipes face heavy usage and experience a greater rate of wear and tear. Left unchecked, this wear can lead to burst and broken pipes, leaving your business flooded and in need of an emergency plumber. Before disaster strikes, call Jim’s Plumbing for leak detection. Based on our findings, we can provide the repiping services your business needs.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling: Breathe new life into your home with kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling services by the quality plumbing professionals at Jim’s Plumbing.
  • Water Softeners: Hard water has a high mineral content, generally magnesium and calcium, which causes a number of problems for homeowners, including soap scum buildup, stained porcelain, and unpleasant tasting water. Our water softener services will help make your water crystal clear and delicious.

Building Relationships

We take immense pride in being your local plumbers, and we are committed to building long-term relationships with our trusted suppliers, subcontractors, and vendors. For example, we have utilized the same excavator for over fifteen years and our water softener supplier since 1971.b

Turn to us to handle your needs. If you have a commercial project that you’d like us to help you develop or give you an estimate on, please call (920) 757-5258 or complete our request form. We believe you will truly enjoy your working relationship with us. Thank you for considering Jim’s Plumbing for your commercial plumbing project.

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