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For over 50 years Jim's Plumbing has been providing residential and commercial plumbing services, throughout Appleton, Greenville, Kaukauna, Oshkosh, and the Fox Valley at large, creating strong relationships with homeowners, builders, and local businesses! We specialize in providing kitchen & bathroom remodeling and plumbing repair services for commercial and residential clients, ranging from water heater repair, water heater replacement, and water heater installation, to drain cleaning and leak detection, to well pumps and water well systems servicing, to full scale kitchen & bathroom remodeling and new bathroom and plumbing construction.

Why Hire A Professional Plumber?

Did you know that the National Association of Home Builders reports that adding a full bath boosts the value of an average home by approximately 20%? Did you know that nearly half of all homeowners say they have “messed up” attempts at DIY repairs and home improvement projects?

Many homeowners are highly resistant to the idea of hiring a professional for their plumbing repair and kitchen & bathroom remodeling needs. In reality, hiring a professionally licensed plumber for your plumbing repair needs is a far eco-friendlier and budget conscious solution than you might think. One small mistake in your DIY repair can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in preventable water bills. According to the EPA, a shower head leak of ten drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons of water a year, harming both your wallet and the environment.

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Why Jim’s Plumbing?

Local Plumbers Providing Plumbing Repair Services

Trust your kitchen & bathroom remodeling and plumbing repair services to the professionals at Jim’s Plumbing. We are proud to be your local plumbers! We bring over five decades worth of plumbing repair knowledge and expertise to every project, and the results show in some of the glowing testimonials we receive from our customers.

Every plumbing professional we employ is highly trained and professionally licensed to handle your water heater repair, water heater installation, water heater replacement, drain cleaning, leak detection, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, well pumps, and sump pump repair projects, as well as a wide variety of additional plumbing repair services. No matter the project, no matter the scale, our team is up to the task of completing your project in a timely and budget friendly manner.

Join the Jim’s Plumbing Family!

Hiring Local Plumbers for Plumbing Repair Projects

There are approximately 500,000 people working as plumbers in the United States, but only some have the education and professional experience needed to join our all-star team of local plumbers. For more than 50 years, we have served the Fox Valley with pride. Whether our clients need a run-of-the-mill plumbing repair or a full-blown kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling project, our team has always been up to the task! Do you have what it takes to join our team of expert local plumbers?

We are always searching for experienced journeymen or master plumbers to join the Jim’s Plumbing family. Work close to home on commercial plumbing and residential plumbing projects, and enjoy extremely competitive compensation and benefits, including health insurance, paid vacation, bonus potential, and more.